Santorini Stone Handmade Souvenirs from Greece by Mrs. Fani – Beach Pebble Art

Each piece is a unique creation of pebble art

Welcome to Fanis’s Art Place from Santorini island in Greece. Unique handmade Artistic creations made from Local Santorini Stones.

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Fani's Art Santorini

Unique artistic creations made from pebbles and stones of the island of Santorini in Greece

This is Our Art

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Animals Pets

Animals Pets pebble art, beach stone art, Local Greek art made from Santorini beach Pebble. Made by Mrs Fani Artist in Santorini island.


A Unique Art Creation with Two Human Figures like Couple (2 Persons). Made of Santorini Beach Pebbles and Local Stones Art of Santorini island in Greece


A Unique Art Creation Donkeys Figures Made of Santorini made by Beach Pebbles-Stones


Family figurines Stone Art from Santorini by Fani’s Art. Handmade Creations made from beach pebbles.


Handmade Unique Creations made from beach pebbles depicting Female – Woman Forms by Fani’s Art Santorini. Fanis Art in Santorini island Greece


Unique Male Art Figures by Mrs Fani. Handmade Creations made of pure Pebbles and natural Stones of Santorini and the beautiful beaches of the island.


Mothers with their Babies. Art made from Santorini beach pebbles in beautiful unique colors. Each piece is unique and One!


Handmade Motorcycle Stone Art from Santorini


Musicians made with beach Pebble Art. A unique work of art or Gift idea to Buy From Greece, made by the artist’s hands: Fani’s Art Santorini island . Find and Order online Modern figurines from Santorini, just ask for the Price.